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Letters to the Editor

Bike travel deserves more attention

Downtown Los Altos isn’t the center of the universe. We are not all sitting on the edge of our seats over the charter school. How about changing the conversation to include our streets, where all Los Altans can be best served? I mean Los Altos end to end.

I’ve been advocating bicycle infrastructure in Los Altos for years as gas prices have gone through the $2, $3, $4 and close to $5 mark. Bicycling is a specific component of our streets. Our ongoing street debacle includes speed limits, roundabouts, school parking, traffic lights and on and on.

We’ve had some lip service paid to bicycling, but not the sort of attentiveness that we deserve. Look at the websites for Complete Streets (all modes of transportation) or 8-80 Cities (accessible for all ages) and you’ll see that much more could be done. Not only that, grant money makes the work of street renewal far more economical than our pie-in-the-sky civic center.

Some city council candidates have had more to say about transportation in general and bicycling in particular, but those elected will be greatly challenged to be heard above the roar of downtown development and the furor of school squabbles. So far, it’s been citizen and business groups that are changing the culture of our streets.

It’s time for some government participation.

Randy Rhody

Los Altos

Why resident voted for Measure M

You are probably wondering why some of us voted for Measure M. It’s simple.

To replace the existing facility for both earthquake and technology issues, you convinced us we needed to pass a bond issue.

After the new building was built, you had money to purchase a facility miles outside of our district – money that could have saved our families from having to pay as much for the bond in these tough times.

After you spend a fortune on purchasing and upgrading the Los Gatos facility, you gave yourselves raises because you were now managing two facilities.

Don’t you understand Los Gatos is not part of our district nor part of the area we are giving our tax money to support? We don’t want one penny of our tax money nor the operating revenue to have anything to do with that facility outside of our district.

Get rid of it. Protect our hospital.

Robert Hearn

Los Altos

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