Final input prepares LASD for enrollment-growth action: Other Voices

As the recent series of community forums confirmed, a variety of actions will be needed to address enrollment-growth challenges facing the Los Altos School District. These forums and other community input help the board of trustees understand which options should be part of the mix.


Warning: Useless flood basin ahead

Our water and fire agencies receive much attention (and scrutiny) during the hot, dry days of summer – water for the lack of it and fire for its widespread destruction. During this extreme drought year, we are deluged with water conservation mandates as wildfires rage out of control.

Our visceral reaction to flood-control efforts in the wake of the ongoing drought is one of incredulity. Flood control? Are you kidding me?


Coyote column raises false emotional flag: Other Voices

Could Jim Schmidt’s antipathy toward Project Coyote (“The truth about coyotes,” July 29) be born out of its efforts that have exposed the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services predator control program?

In its crusade to kill bobcats, mountain lions, gray fox, gray wolves and their primary target, the coyote, the Wildlife Services program costs American taxpayers more than $100 million annually despite the fact that it has been proven ineffective.


An ominous anniversary: Editor's Notebook

This month marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. For many Americans, it was a cause for mass celebration. It was an overwhelming relief for a country physically and emotionally exhausted from the worst war the world has ever known.

The war ended 70 years ago for Japan as well. But while American sailors were kissing strangers in Times Square, the Japanese were combing through the debris of their cities in the wake of mass devastation – destruction the U.S. was fortunate to avoid on its own soil. The firebombing of Tokyo was horribly catastrophic, but it was what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki that gave the word “ominous” new meaning.


The truth about coyotes: Other Voices

The Town Crier’s recent article on coyotes venturing down from the foothills in search of sustenance referenced the organization Project Coyote (“Recent coyote attacks keep residents on edge,” July 1). Do not waste your time contacting Project Coyote, as representatives will not tell you the facts as they really are. They will put you in further danger, claiming that you can live in harmony with coyotes.


Adieu: Other Voices

A wonderful thing happened during my second term on the Los Altos Hills City Council: Our two sons have, with their wives, provided my wife and I with the gift of four – soon to be five – grandchildren. We could not be more pleased and have made the decision to create a family ranch where the grandkids can play and have access to a high-quality school district.

We recently stumbled upon a flat 5-acre property for sale, on the water, in Carmel – near Point Lobos State Natural Reserve – and decided that this is where we want to establish the Larsen Family Ranch.


Public art: The 1 percent that matters most: Other Voices

The Los Altos City Council is considering a proposal that would require commercial projects costing more than $1 million to contribute 1 percent of their project cost to a public art fund.


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