Enlightened California: No Shoes, Please

I recently read a newspaper article about the newly adopted sex-education curriculum in the state of Mississippi. In the city of Oxford, the following exercise is included: Students pass around a Peppermint Patty chocolate and observe how spoiled it becomes in the handling. The condition of the candy is purportedly illustrative of how sullied and worthless a girl becomes when she engages in sexual activity.

I thought the drill was appalling, and a basic waste of time. But in a somewhat lazy analysis on my end, I surmised that this is, after all, Mississippi – part of the backward-thinking, conservative South, not known for an outstanding educational system to begin with.


Quirky 'No Parking' space victimizes volunteer

Town Crier Staff Photo
This parking space behind the Costume Bank isn’t a parking space at all, as the faded white lines indicate.

While discussion and debate continue over creating more parking for downtown Los Altos, there is a kind of dysfunction going on with the operation of the existing lots.

As has been noted in this paper as recently as last week’s pro-parking-structure editorial, a structure could be the solution to accommodate current and future downtown visitors. But I think the city could also restripe some existing lots without a huge cost or destroying trees. Current spaces are oversized by 2014 standards. Spaces could be better used.


A time to keep, a time to give away: Haugh About That?

On what’s typically considered to be the most important day in a young woman’s life, I stood in my long white dress, terrified about the vow I was about to take. Then he walked into the room and took my breath away.

Proudly smiling and looking handsome in his new navy-blue suit, the first man I ever loved engulfed me in his usual bear hug, asking, “Honey, are you ready?”


Letters to the Editor

Los Altos City Council: Please slow down

Our community has two major needs – a community center and a new school(s).

The Los Altos City Council has organized meetings to obtain public input for a new community center. Many residents attended the Community Workshop April 1. Hopefully, our councilmembers listened to the input and will ask for more. There was a sizable group of participants who want the council to consider a joint-use proposal before making any final decisions. What better way for our city council and the Los Altos School District Board to work together for our community’s good and help solve both of these critical needs? The two bodies did just that in 1975, when the city purchased the Hillview site.


A 'Common Sense' approach to education: Other Voices

In 1775, Thomas Paine wrote a pamphlet called “Common Sense.” His short, simple summary of the advantages of the U.S. gaining autonomy from Great Britain served as the spark that lit the fire for independence. Much like our community, there were two violently opposed groups that Paine had to deal with: the British Loyalists and the Revolutionaries.

As a community, we have been feuding over public education for more than a decade. It is time for a “Common Sense” approach to public education in our community.


Now is the time to expand parking: Editorial

Just a few short years ago, vacancies dotted downtown Los Altos. Property owners had a hard time attracting businesses because there was a shortage of customers. That is no longer true. Now, the cry is: Where are my customers going to park?

The city has spent many of our tax dollars studying the parking problem, with little progress. Among the solutions being floated is to reconfigure the current plazas. That may provide more spaces, but perhaps only for smaller cars.


Letters to the Editor

Al’s Barber Shop evokes memories

I enjoyed the article on Al the barber (“Al the barber bids farewell,” April 9). I went to Al’s Barber Shop for many years, during the time when his sidekick Lou was there. Al and Lou were always cracking jokes, sometimes dirty ones (but only if no women or kids were in the shop).

Lou retired early because – so I heard – he made a lot of money in the stock market, using tips he picked up from his customers.


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