The death knell of suburbia: A Piece of My Mind

The orchards are gone. The single-story ranch house is seen as a waste of valuable land and air space. An eight-lane freeway thunders past the bridle paths in Los Altos Hills. But nothing has signaled the death of suburbia more strongly than the announcement last month that Sunset, the “Magazine of Western Living,” is abandoning its rambling, garden-focused headquarters in Menlo Park and relocating to an urban shopping/restaurant hub in Oakland.


Resident takes issue with Stevens Creek Trail column: Other Voices

Following is a response to Editor Bruce Barton’s “Editor’s Notebook” on the Stevens Creek Trail project (“What’s driving resistance to Stevens Creek Trail?” June 17).


A year in the life: No Shoes, Please

Last May, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer and underwent surgery to remove a portion of my colon. Unrelated to the cancer, I also had a hysterectomy – a surgical twofer.

Afterward, I was supposed to receive six months of chemotherapy, the standard treatment recommended by oncologists from Stanford, UC San Francisco and El Camino hospitals, and by my friends in the medical field. I had a long debate with myself about undergoing chemotherapy, but long story short, I opted to forgo further treatment. Instead, I decided to address my remaining cancer with immune system enhancement via nutrition, exercise and nontraditional healing methods.


Letters to the Editor

Fallen Leaf is best route for creek trail

I’m sure that your piece on the Stevens Creek Trail (“What’s driving resistance to Stevens Creek Trail?” June 17) has resulted in a landslide of objections from the vocal residents of Fallen Leaf Lane.

I’m also sure, however, that one reason they are so vocal is that they, like anyone who has studied the alternatives, realize that the route they object to is the clear, best choice for that reach of the trail. So they are hoping, on the squeaky-wheel theory, that they can keep it from being chosen.


Letters to the Editor

All must call out anti-Muslim bigotry

Richard Sutherland’s letter to the editor betrays either an ignorance of Islam or close-minded bigotry (“No room for diversity in Islam,” June 10).

Mr. Sutherland is fundamentally mistaken when he says “there is no room for diversity in Islam.” The Quran itself make very clear (to paraphrase) that God created mankind in many different nations and tribes so that we might know each other.


No confidence in civic center proposals: Editorial

Few Los Altos issues have become more convoluted than the development of the 18-acre Hillview civic center property. Most agree that the area, as currently configured, needs improvement. But nothing has happened in the nearly 10 years since serious discussions began (other than nearly $900,000 spent on consultant fees).

Plans have gone from grandiose and overblown (a costly and complete overhaul of the 18 acres) to a modest renovation of the existing Hillview Community Center buildings.


What's driving resistance to Stevens Creek Trail?: Editor's Notebook

I love the southernmost part of Los Altos near the Sunnyvale border. I’m talking about driving along Fremont Avenue past the Highway 85 intersection into Los Altos.

While not as stark a contrast as the views along University Avenue from East Palo Alto into Palo Alto, you clearly know that you’ve crossed over into a different world as the concrete sidewalks, wide streets and Highway 85 noise from the Sunnyvale side transition to picturesque, tree-lined scenery that welcomes you to Los Altos. Trees are everywhere, overhanging from both sides of the roadway as well as towering in the medians. Small, inconspicuous wooden signs mark the connecting streets like Fallen Leaf Lane, Truman Avenue and Newcastle Drive.


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