Giving the thumb to what's done: Editorial

In the wake of recent Los Altos-area news events, we’re all thumbs.

Thumbs-down: To the Los Altos City Council’s decision to put the Walter Singer bust in storage. This is wrong on so many levels – even worse than the initial council decision to transfer the bust to the grounds of the Los Altos History Museum.


For someone, it is a nightmare: No Shoes, Please

Last month, on a cold and rainy day in Japan, I was waiting for a train to carry me on a tedious but necessary errand. Glancing around, I noticed a piece of luggage – a black, vinyl bag decorated with pastel-pink teddy bears and delicate cursive writing; you easily could have mistaken it for a large diaper bag catering to a baby girl. The writing was difficult to decipher because the letters were tiny, and the script was fine and lacy. But eventually, I made it out. It read, “For someone, it is a nightmare.”


Two quiet men: From the Mayor's Desk

This month marks the fourth anniversary of the passing of my dad, Al Pepper, May 28, 2011. He was a quiet man who didn’t waste words. So when Dad spoke, we all listened. He was full of humility and integrity, super proud of his children and grandchildren, and fortunate to have a loving marriage with my mom for 62 years. He was part of the Greatest Generation that fought in World War II, came back heroes and then focused on the present and the future.


Letters to the Editor

Call moratorium on art in parks

One humble request for the Los Altos Public Arts Commission and City Council regarding pending public “art development” projects:

There is so little public green space in our town. May we please agree to call an art moratorium in our public parks and green spaces and leave them free from further development?


Letters to the Editor

What’s the point of new Community Coalition?

I read with some shock in a recent issue that two former mayors and some 20 “member organizations” have formed a lobbying group called the Los Altos Community Coalition to help the city “move quickly to develop a plan and vision for the city core” (“New organization supports downtown, civic center development,” May 6).

It was only a few years ago that Los Altos approved a new plan for the downtown that included three-story structures, street improvements and the elimination of many parking spaces. New development quickly followed that was very controversial, including new mammoth buildings on First Street and a boutique hotel.


Statute of limitations: Haugh About That?

“I can’t believe he’d do this to me,” I cried hysterically. “After all we meant to each other.” Curling into a ball, torrential teenage tears melted my mascara as my entire world came crashing to an obliterated end.

Annoyed at yet another gusher, Mary, my 16-year-old best friend, had had enough. “Get over it!” she barked. “You only dated him a week.” Little did I know, when it came to broken hearts, there was a statute of limitations for my sorrow.


Home of the brave

When I was 13 years old, I was working on a Coke truck in Washington, D.C., over summer vacation. Our next-door neighbor, who drove the truck, would deal with the owners of liquor and convenience stores, while I would slog 10 cases of soda at a time into the stores on a hand truck.

One day we showed up and the store to which we were delivering was surrounded by police cars, in the midst of an armed robbery. The robber was trying to escape using the owner as a hostage when the owner tripped and fell. The robber accidentally let off a shot with his gun and the police filled him with bullets.


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