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A plan for rising costs of long-term care

A new study showed just how expensive health care is getting in the Bay Area.

Genworth, one of America’s largest long-term care insurers, recently released its 2016 cost of health care data. The results are based on surveys or interviews with thousands of health-care providers across the U.S. The data include estimates on the potential cost of services for dementia or a physical disability that requires support for basic living activities.

Faulty warranty leaves dealer, manufacturer in hot water

I heard from quite a few of you folks recently who appreciated the out-of-the-box(springs) thinking from my last column. So I dug a little deeper into the archives and found this backyard horror story.

The matter involves one of those super-duper deluxe hot tubs you can actually swim laps in, against the strong, forced current it produces. The consumer, Steve, paid a pretty penny for it. Within the first year, it sprang a few leaks, its jets malfunctioned and the filtration system went belly up. This trifecta of concerns provided a major headache.

If you knew the future, how would you invest?

Now that the capital markets have once again begun exhibiting a level of volatility not seen for a number of years, it’s appropriate to revisit the relationship between risk and return.

Wesley Gray, CEO of Alpha Architect, an investment advisory firm, developed an interesting thought experiment that brings this relationship into stark focus. For purely dramatic effect, I will paraphrase the situation he describes.

Legally lumpy mattress earns local lattes, goodwill

So you think you’ve seen everything? I’m in my sixth decade on the planet with, hopefully, a few more to go. I’ve been lucky in my profession – helping those in need using the law as my weapon of choice, with a pinch of logic and a skosh of wisdom mixed in. This job continues to turn up new, odd, amazing stories, and now I find myself sharing some of those stories with you through the Town Crier.

I’ve always had friends and family (like most attorneys) hitting me up for input and advice. I typically get a decent latte out of the deal. After I set up shop on Third Street downtown, I saw a slight uptick in my comped latte consumption. I am typically happy to listen, as it’s nice to help friends and neighbors and, from time to time, it leads to a decent paycheck.

Investment not doing well? Don't be so quick to sell it


If you are currently holding a mutual fund that is not performing well compared to your other assets, before dumping it, consider that it might be an indicator that your investment portfolio is well diversified.

Accounting 101 applied to government debt

Can the U.S. government go bankrupt? According to Time magazine, the answer is yes.

Prevention outweighs cure in investment portfolio health

One of Benjamin Franklin’s well-known aphorisms – “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – applies to the world of investing.

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