'Limpopo' provides a relaxing yet profound read

Reading a novel by the prolific author Alexander McCall Smith is like meditating in the sun by a hidden pool of water – one feels so happy and relaxed afterward.


Horan's 'Loving Frank' offers fictionalized account of famed architect's illicit affair

In the 1920s, two married people fall in love, leave their spouses and children and set about living and traveling together. Affairs of this sort were considered shocking at the time. But the scandal was heightened given that the man was Frank Lloyd Wright, an up-and-coming architect, and his mistress one of his clients, Mamah Borthwick.

Author Nancy Horan’s historically imagined novel “Loving Frank” (Ballantine Books, 2007) breathes new life into the tale of the couple’s 10 years together.


'Nightingale' soars to thrilling heights

Reading some books can be much like riding a roller coaster – you know there are going to be big ups and downs, yet you remain surprised throughout.


'Pope Joan' Book weaves tale around legend of female pontiff

The idea that there may have a female pope at one time in history has generated much speculation throughout the centuries. “Pope Joan” (Crown, 1996) by Donna Woolfolk Cross, does not answer the question; rather, the author has created a detailed work of historical fiction that addresses how such an event could have occurred.


French novel "Hunting and Gathering" offers character-driven suspense

Anna Gavalda is a well-known author in her native France, where she has published six books, most of which have met with considerable praise and commercial success. Her fourth novel, “Hunting and Gathering” (Riverhead Books, 2007), is filled with wit, pathos and wonderful dialogue that feels fresh and honest and leaves one wanting to meet the characters and spy into their lives a while longer.


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