Downtown green park pops up again in August

Downtown green park pops up again in August

Ellie Van Houtte/Town Crier
The Third Street Green debuts Aug. 3 on the 300 block of State Street in downtown Los Altos.

Another temporary park is poised to pop up in downtown Los Altos this summer.

According to Brooke Ray Smith, community devel...

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MVLA rolls out laptop integration this fall

MVLA rolls out laptop integration this fall

Town Crier File Photo
Starting in the fall, daily use of laptops in the classroom will be standard operating procedure for students at Los Altos and Mountain View high schools as the Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District launches a pil...

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Generations blend behind the scenes at 'Wizard of Oz'

Generations blend behind the scenes at 'Wizard of Oz'

Altos Youth Theatre and Los Altos Stage Company rehearse a scene from “The Wizard of Oz.” ELIZA RIDGEWAY/ TOWN CRIER

A massive troupe of young people and grownups gathered in Los Altos this summer to stage the latest iteration of a childhood sta...

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Football in July

Football in July

Town Crier file photo
Mountain View High’s Anthony Avery is among the nine local players slated to play in tonight’s Silicon Valley Youth Classic.

Tonight’s 40th annual Silicon Valley Youth Classic – also known as the Charlie...

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Pools should be included: Editorial

Los Altos residents should be receiving calls this week from city representatives conducting a survey to determine priorities for a revamped Hillview Community Center.

Notice that we did not say “civic center” – chastened by a lack of public support...

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Looking for life without lows, local diabetic tests artificial pancreas

Looking for life without lows, local diabetic tests artificial pancreas

Photo by Ellie Van Houtte/Town Crier
Dr. Trang Ly, left, reviews blood sugar readings on a smartphone with Los Altos resident Tia Geri, right, and fellow participant Noa Simon during a closed-loop artificial pancreas study for Type 1 diabetics.

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Palo Alto law firm coming to 400 Main

Palo Alto law firm coming to 400 Main

Ellie Van Houtte/ Town Crier
Longtime Palo Alto law firm Thoits, Love, Hershberger & McClean plans to open an office at 400 Main St. in Los Altos after construction is complete in November.

A longtime Palo Alto law firm plans to expand int...

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"Frozen in Time" chronicles harrowing WWII rescue attempts

Many readers can’t resist a true-life adventure story, especially those that shine a spotlight on people who exhibit supreme courage in the face of adversity and end up surviving – or not – against the odds.

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Resident of Palo Alto

Richard Patrick Brennan, journalist, editor, author, adventurer, died at his Palo Alto home on July 4, 2014 at age 92. He led a full life, professionally and personally. He was born and raised in San Francisco, joined the Arm...

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Travel Tidbit: Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe offers spa getaway

Travel Tidbit: Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe offers spa getaway

Courtesy of Ritz-Carlton
The Ritz-Carlton in Lake Tahoe offers fall getaway packages that include spa treatments and yoga classes.

Fall in North Lake Tahoe boasts crisp mornings and opportunities to spend quality time in the mountains. Specially ...

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Stepping Out

PYT stages 'Shrek'

PYT stages 'Shrek'

Lyn Healy/Spotlight Moments Photography
Dana Cullinane plays Fiona in Peninsula Youth Theatre’s “Shrek The Musical.”

Peninsula Youth Theatre presents “Shrek The Musical” Saturday through Aug. 3 at the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts...

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Spiritual Life

Foothills Congregational: 100 years and counting

Foothills Congregational: 100 years and counting

Courtesy of Carolyn Barnes
The newly built Los Altos church in 1914 featured a bell tower and an arched front window. Both continue as elements of the building as it stands today.

Foothills Congregational Church – the oldest church building in L...

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Festival features fun for everyone

Festival features fun for everyone

The Los Altos Arts & Wine Festival boasts more than 375 craft and arts booths.

This weekend’s 35th annual Los Altos Arts & Wine Festival promises to be jam-packed with fun activities for just about everyone. The eve...

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Los Altos High School Class of 2011

The following is a list of the Los Altos High School Class of 2011








Monika Acharya

Cassandra Achermann

Miranda Adams

Christopher Aiken-Forderer

Hugo Alcaraz

Ruby Alcazar

Amber Alvarez

Peter Ambiel

Caleb An

Morgan Elizabeth Aozasa

Edward Jacob Ayala

Nika Ayat

Martin Aycott Jr.

Kelsey Ayers


Sarah Baird

Jorge Ballinas

Karen Barajas

Jessica Barrios

Viana Bauer

Gabriela Bautista Garzon

Marielle Beaulieu

Lauren Bednarski

Anna Bekker

Clayton Berens

Christopher Beyer

Lauren Biglow

Anthony Biondi

Julian Bliss

William Bliss

Heather Blockhus

Dainen Bocsary

Sophia Borello

Blake Bowers

Andrei Bratkovski

Natalia Bratkovski

Shannon Bray

Derek Breaux

Sarah Breslin

Phelan Brown-Chever

Juan Buenrostro

Tatiana Buffin

Seena Burns

Francis Busuttil

Hannah Butensky

Arseniy Byelov

Charlotte Byrne-Bailey


Gregory Cairns

Alexandra Cala

Jordan Campitelli

Terence Cape

Sophia Carballo

Stephen Carico

Gemaiah-Aunea Carlisle


Andrew Carp

Brett Carr

Jose Carranza

Miguel Carrillo

Rocio Carrillo

Scott Casas

Edbert Chan

Preshika Chaudhary

Phoebe Chen

Jacquelyn Cheng

Quincy Cheung

Sarthak Chhettry

Duncan Choy

Aaron Chung

Audrey Cole

Samuel Colman

Jennifer Cooper

Melissa Cree

Maria Angelica Cristancho

Lindsey Cunningham

Mark Cuson


Lauren D’Andrea

Megan Davis

Viki Diaz

Paul Dilley

Roxana Dominguez

Michael Drake

Gregory Dwulet


Drew Eller

Carl Elson

Yadira Espinoza

Fatima Esquivel

Claire Evangelista


Teresa Fabbricino

Sarah Fagan

Reilly Farrell

Noga Feinberg

Moises Flores

Saul Flores

Yareli Flores

Erica Flynn

Paul Fomenko

Nicolas Frangos

Darren Franke

Victoria Frantzich

Emilien Simon Fritsch

Rebecca Fulcher

Ryo Funaki


Michael Galdamez

Jessica Gann

Susanna Gao

Angelica Garcia

William Garcia

Yasmin Garcia

Teresa Marie Garrett

Emily Garverick ?

Daniel Giacomini

Joseph Giacomini

Tyler Gianatasio

Nicholas Giles

Ian Glasner

Edith Gomez

Katherine Gonsalves

Amando Daniel Gonzalez

Jennifer Gonzalez

Randy Gonzalez

Rachel Grate

Stacey Green

Victoria Greenen

Alexander Guo

Yesenia Gurrola

Victor Gutierrez-Cuellar


Whitney Hagstrom

Savannah Hall

Caitlin Halliwell

Jordan Hamel

Jacob Hampel

Christina Harr

Danitza Hernandez

Janette Hernandez

Jessica Hernandez

Laura Hernandez

Lizette Hernandez

Edna Hernandez Banderas

Thomas Herndon

Carla Herrera

Irvin Herrera

Joel Herrera

Maria Herrera Carbajal

John Hersey

Kelly Hoover

Sean Horton-Murphy

Edward Hostia

Jason Hu

Carolyn Huang

Jennifer Huffman

Johan Hugoo

Daniel Huitron


Giovanni Ibarra

Joel Infeld

Christianna Iniguez

Jerome Isaac

Addison Iskow


Alexander Jimenez

David Jimenez

Jorge Jimenez

Randy Donovan Jimenez

Kimberly Johnson

Lauren Johnson

Michaela Johnson

Mackenzie Johnston

Gilberto Juarez

Arista Jusuf


Akila Kadambi

Tomer Kaftan

Mitchell Kehlet

Alex Kellogg

Alyssa Kelly

Alexandria Kent

Gokulesh Killer

Abel Kinard

Vanessa Kirchhofer

Madeline Klein

Justin Koehler

Piotr Kozlowski

Chetna Kumar


Edwin Lai

Valerie Lai

Blanca Landaverde

Sean Langhi

Chloe Langston

Marika Lee

Jennifer Leonard

Alexandra Anita Leos

Sierra Letterman

Mark Levin

Sonam Lhamo

James Li

Siaosi Liua

Arian Lobon-Fernandez

Adriana Lopez

Cindy Lopez

Crystal Lopez

Jason Lopez

Jenna Louie

Elizabeth Lukrich

Christina Lum

Brenda Luna

Martin Luna


Zoe Maddalena

Arjun Madhok

Paul Madrid

Karla Maeda

Kelly Mahncke

Curran Mahowald

Claudia Maldonado

Benjamin Malenka

Steven Mangano

Casandra Manzo-Lupercio

Michael Marent

Lynn Marks

Elizabeth Martinez

Noemi Martinez

Jesse Mattingly

Egan McComb

Stefano McCoy

Jasmine McGee

Sandra Mejia

Julio Melo

Omar Mendoza

Martin Merencillo

Jozza Marie Millano

Eve Minkin

Tasha Mistri

Lauren Mock

Hannah Moehling

Mari Molina

Nancy Montebello

John Montgomery

Juan Morales

Kenny Moran

Salina Moreno

Negin Motamedi

Kelly Moulds

Megan Mueller

Colin Mulcahy

Alexander Mulholland

Cinthia Munoz

Dulce Munoz

Kelly Munroe

Laura Murphy


Trisha Nangia

Sarah-Anne Nelson

Jordan Nemelka

Alisa Nesmith

Andrew Nguyen

Huy Nguyen

Marina Nikolic

Alison Nowakowski



Yuka Ogino

Joshua Okero

Brian Ordaz

Jason Orellana

Wesley Oribello

Isaias Orozco

Daniel Osorio

Michael Otrada


Emily Pacholski

Lesieli Palauni

Ian Palmer

Olivia Palmer

Meghan Palu

Kenneth Francis Pasagui

Kendra Passaro

Emma Patrick

Richard Patrick

Tawny Peek

Anastasiya Pereverzeva

Michelle Perez

Maria Perez Herrera

Lauren Peterson

Alexander Pham

Diamara Planell Cruz


Rishi Raman

Francisco Ramirez

Jorge Luis Ramos

Farkhunda Rangeen

Lindsey Raven

David Recht

Estefanie Reyes

Miguel Reyes

Krystle Reynolds

Brenda Rezendiz Navarro

Kyle Riesch

John Rinehart

Jose Rodriguez

Lance Rodriguez

Mariela Rodriguez

Pablo Rodriguez Cigarrero

Elida Rojas

Pedro Roman

Mauro Roque

Jacqueline Rosales

Zia Rosenzweig

Erika Roy

Jill Rubin

Alejandra Ruelas


Abla Saadeh

Julien Salah

Jesse Salazar

Shahan Salim

Gabriella Sanchez

Maria Sanchez

Jaime Sanchez-Guadarrama

Caitlin Sandlin

Daniela Santos

Julia Sauerhaft

Nicholas Schmittzeh

Benjamin Schneider

Erika Schonher

Mitchell Seed

Suzon Senesi

Marvin Serrano-Menjivar

Brett Serviss

Garrett Serviss

Miriam Silva-Buenrostro

Christine Silver

Joshua Sims

Mathew Snider

Amanda Soo

Daniel Spiteri

Justin Standow

Caitlin Stanley

Tyler Stout

Rosiza Stoyanova

Elizabeth Strichartz

Rosalie Struve

Lauren Sucharczuk

Haley Sugimoto ?

Eve Survilo

Hannah Sweeney


Daniel Tangi

Haley Tate

Madeline Taussig

Marissa Tejada

Andrew Templeton

Haley Teter

Jacob Thompson

Stefan Tian

John Tiffin

Tracy Tilley

Aaron Tolliver

Arrissa Yvonne Tolliver

Gabriel Torres

Rosaura Torres

Heriberto Torres-Gonzalez

Megan Tran

Michelline Tran

Jacqueline Treiger

Christina Trembois

Dimitri Trembois


Jacob Valadez

Kayla-Ashley Valpey-


Ronald Vargas

Dorian Vargas-Reighley

Michael Vendelin

Nina Venuti

Shanice Vera

Mariana Vieira

Jose Antonio Villanueva

Katherine Virga

Antoine Vo

Jonathan Vronsky


Rowan Walters

Chenyu Wang

Guanghui Wang

Harlowe Wang

Peter Wang

Rachel Wang

Jamie Wasson

Celine Watkins

Rachel Weinberg

Max Wiederholt

Deven Williams

Katherine Wu

Naian Wu


Edmund Xu

Jing Xu


Carolyn Yang

Tiffany Yang

Onur Yildiz

Judd Yort

Gary Yu

Scott Yuan


Zoe Zaorski

Camille Zapata

Bryan Zavala Lombera

Yintong Zhang

Zijun Zhao

Simon Zorin

Edwin Zuniga

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